All home and away jerseys of all 2022 World Cup-qualified teams (groups A, B, C, and D)

After four and a half years of the FIFA World Cup, the most prestigious football championship in the Middle East is about to start again in Qatar. Living legends like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, and Harry Kane will play in their country’s jersey in Qatar.

All football team jerseys for the 2022 FIFA World Cup
All football team jerseys for the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Thirty-two countries will continue their long rivalry in this tournament. Crazy football fans are inquisitive to know what their country’s jerseys look like. So without wasting much time let’s know about the jerseys of all 2022 World Cup teams.

Group A

1) Qatar

Sponsor: Nike


2022 World Cup hosts Qatar have taken a fairly simple, conservative approach to their home kit, but at least it’s executed. Nike sponsored Qatar’s jerseys. According to Nike, this jersey celebrates the flag of Qatar and its distinctive serrations are revealed on the cuffs.

Qatar's  jersey
Qatar’s jersey

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The Qatar football team’s away jersey is a bit more adventurous, and it looks a lot nicer than the home jersey. The desert color scheme is understated but distinct for being different, while the overlapping circle pattern brings beauty to a nebulous design inspired by Qatar’s coastline.

2) Ecuador

Sponsor: Marathon


Marathon sponsored Ecuador’s national football team’s jersey. Ecuador has a new national badge to adorn its jersey at World Cup 2022 The design of the house boasts a vibrant yellow base with blue and red accents. Flag details are adorned on the sleeve cuffs, a subtle zig-zag pattern covers the front and an Ecuador map is placed on the upper back of the jersey.

Ecuador's jerseys
Ecuador’s jerseys


The Ecuador away jersey has a basic navy blue strip and a light blue geometric pattern on the front. White trim is retained on the collar and cuffs, with the country’s flag once again incorporated. On the other hand, the country badge is colored silver which gives this jersey a unique beauty.

3) Senegal

Sponsor: Puma


Puma sponsors African team Senegal’s 2022 World Cup jersey with a throwback logo and typeface. The chevron design across the chest gives off a vintage vibe. On the other hand, the colors of the country’s flag pop against the white base which adds beauty to their home jersey.

Senegal's jerseys
Senegal’s jerseys


On the other hand, Puma’s other choice for this tournament was to introduce their template to Senegal’s jersey. Puma has given Senegal’s away jersey a unique look. Again there is not a single football team supplied by Puma in this tournament that has been able to successfully pull off this centrally aligned template.

4) Netherlands

Sponsor: Nike


Nike showcases their national color orange beautifully in the Netherlands jersey. The Netherlands’ home jersey returns in a different shade to that used in recent times, with a laser orange palette evoking memories of the legendary footballers who won the 1998 European Championship.

The Netherlands jersey features a slightly darker shade for an all-over graphic inspired by a lion’s fur that expresses their footballing glory.

Netherlands' jerseys
Netherlands’ jerseys


On the other hand, deep royal blue is the preferred color in the away jersey of the Netherlands. Dutch football is supporting a blue changing strip for the first time since 2016. Again their national symbol lion has been given red color in the away jersey.

Group B

1) England

Sponsor: Nike


Nike sponsors the England national football team jersey. Nike has featured white in England’s home jersey.

The shoulder pattern on the England jersey is reminiscent of their jersey designs of the early 1980s. The navy and sky blue jersey recall the glory of the legendary Paul Gascoigne and the 1990 World Cup, balancing that nostalgia with modernity.

England's jerseys
England’s jerseys


England’s jersey features their national symbol, the Three Lions, painted in blue. Nike put a collared red top on England’s jersey to remind them of their run to the 2018 World Cup semi-finals.

2) Iran

Sponsor: Majid


Majid sponsors the Iran national men’s football team jersey. Majid has brought back that 90s feel in Iran jerseys. The extensive graphic across the chest on their home jersey maintains the excellent blend of the Bulbs design.

Iran's jerseys
Iran’s jerseys


Iran’s away jersey is more beautiful than the home jersey. The red jersey fuels those 90s vibes and reminisces about those golden days.

3) U.S.A

Sponsor: Nike


Nike sponsors the USMNT’s 2022 World Cup jersey. The USMT’s jersey has a unique aesthetic with a mix of red, white, and royal blue colors. This jersey reminisces about those golden days of United States football.

U.S.A's jerseys
U.S.A’s jerseys


The United States Men’s National Soccer Team’s away jersey strip follows a beauty. The jersey features the United States national logo front and center.

On the other hand, a unique Swoosh placement is again found with a mixture of light and dark blue tie-dye graphics that celebrate diversity and youth, mainly offset by a royal blue design that harkens back to the golden era of football.

4) Wales

Sponsor: Adidas


Adidas sponsored the Red Dragons jersey. Their home jersey consists of zigzag tonal stripes, countless tiny diagonal stripes, and slashes. Adidas has tried to keep the Red Dragons’ home jersey to a fairly simple color combination.

Wales' jerseys
Wales’ jerseys


The red-green wedge pattern on the collar of the Red Dragons’ away jersey feels like a nice carryover of the design language.

On the other hand, some texture by Adidas, or a jersey-wide graphic element incorporating green or red goes a long way toward bringing this jersey to life.

Group C

1) Argentina

Sponsor: Adidas


Argentina’s national men’s football team jersey for the 2022 World Cup is designed by Adidas. This jersey takes inspiration from Argentina’s historic winning ways. The jersey features stripes across the top in the country’s traditional white and baby blue color scheme. Again the classic three-stripe stamp with navy blue accents on the dress brings out a unique beauty.

Argentina's jerseys
Argentina’s jerseys


Argentina has been given a vibrant purple-away jersey from Adidas. On the one hand, the lavender colorway on the jersey represents the fight for gender equality. On the other hand, the famous symbol of the national flag is combined with a fiery graphic about the May of the Sun.

2) Saudi Arabia

Sponsor: Nike


The Saudi Arabia jersey pattern is fun and interesting. A touch of innovation is found in the design of this jersey. The seemingly random brushstrokes on the Saudi Arabia home jersey designed by Nike come together quite nicely.

Saudi Arabia's jerseys
Saudi Arabia’s jerseys


On the other hand, Saudi Arabia’s away jersey may look an awful lot like English club Newcastle United’s third jersey, but where it stands out is in the details. Nike has added a faint graphic pattern of feathers across this jersey that ties in nicely with the team name.

Again their national symbol eagle is placed on the left side of the jersey.

3) Mexico

Sponsor: Adidas


Mexico’s soccer team’s 2022 World Cup home jersey looks a lot like Saudi Arabia’s home jersey and is made by Adidas.

The zig-zag design of the jersey is composed of intricate lines. On the other hand, their national emblem represents the feathered headdress of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, which is on the left side of the jersey.

Mexico,s jerseys
Mexico,s jerseys


adidas pays homage to the ancient civilizations rooted in Mexican history as highlighted in their away jerseys. The Mexico away jersey is one of my favorite jerseys. The team’s fighting spirit can be seen through the away shirt.

The five special symbols of the country of Mexico form an intricate graphic all-over print in red, which blends beautifully against the white shirt. One of the attractions inside the collar is the serpent body of Quetzalcoatl, which represents one of the physical powers of mankind.

4) Poland

Sponsor: Nike


Both the home and away jerseys of the Poland national football team are made by Nike. The Nike-made silver shoulders are filled with a graphic that evokes images of feathers from an eagle’s wing in homage to Poland’s coat of arms.

But admittedly, this jersey does an admirable job of balancing creative spirit with clean design.

Poland's jerseys
Poland’s jerseys


Nike has given their away jersey a unique aesthetic with inspiration from Poland’s history and heritage. The materials and designs of Poland’s away jersey are not too complicated, but it is a jersey that has striking graphics.

These graphics will not keep you away from the temptation of wearing this jersey.

Group D

1) France

Sponsor: Nike


The French national team is not only the defending champion but also the favorite for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. It’s elegant, it stands out most formally against the royal, opulent gold crest and that deep navy shirt. Both the home and away jerseys of the France national team are sponsored by Nike. A single Nike-made button and an almost mandarin-like collar add a touch of character and flair to the French national jersey.

France's jerseys
France’s jerseys


Blue is the dominant color in France’s away jersey. The blue color livens up the jersey a bit, but that energy is lost against the almost borderline staid graphic pattern.

Their blue jerseys, on the other hand, feature subtle, gray images of the Arc de Triomphe and the French Football Federation’s headquarters in Clairefontaine. The design of the jersey is very beautiful and meaningful.

2) Australia

Sponsor: Nike


The Kangaroos are preparing for their fifth consecutive World Cup finals appearance. The Australian football team’s jersey is produced by Nike. This quest will be done while donning a home jersey that adheres to the University Gold, Tour Yellow, and Green Noise theme while paying homage to the country’s sandy landscape and woodlands.

On the other hand, the country’s national animal, the kangaroo, dominates the left side of their jersey.

Australia's jerseys
Australia’s jerseys


Nike has unveiled a new design for Australia’s away jersey.
Australia is not looking for anything too fancy from their changing strip.

Nike’s design is predominantly dark blue, but the collar, cuffs, and logo feature green hues that evoke the country’s marine life and reef.

3) Denmark

Sponsor: Hummel


A protest has appeared on the home jersey of Denmark’s national football team. The jersey’s branding, accents, and even the crest are all red like the rest of the jersey.

“At Hummel, we believe that sport brings people together, and when it doesn’t, we’re keen to speak up and make a statement,” Hummel, the jersey sponsor of Denmark’s football team, said in a conference statement. “That is why the new jerseys of Denmark’s national football team for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar are designed as a protest against Qatar and its human rights record. … We do not want to be visible during a tournament that has cost thousands of innocent lives.”

Denmark's jerseys
Denmark’s jerseys


When the international news channel asked Hummel, the jersey sponsoring company of Denmark’s football team, why is Denmark’s away jersey black? Hummel then said in their opinion: “To honor the thousands of migrant workers who died building all of Qatar’s World Cup stadiums, as well as the families they left behind.”

4) Tunisia

Sponsor: Kappa


One of the international organizations Kappa is the sponsor of the jersey of the Tunisian national football team. The color of Tunisia’s home jersey is predominantly red. The jersey features a subtle print graphic as well as white badges and cuffs.

Again the design on the front of the jersey is based on the ‘armor of Hannibal’, the legendary Carthaginian general who is considered one of the greatest military commanders in the history of the Tunisian war. The Falcon, one of the symbols of the country, dominates the left side of the jersey.

Tunisia's jerseys
Tunisia’s jerseys


Kappa prefers white as the color of Tunisia’s away jersey.

The away jersey features the same graphic as the home jersey, which nods to a cuirass found in Tunisia in 1909, taking center stage once again on the change strip. On the other hand, the base template is replicated and the lead colors are simply swapped so that white becomes a viable substitute for red.


The 2022 FIFA World Cup is inching closer to kicking off in full swing. As a result, the participating teams are naming their squads and preparing for finals in Qatar.

Now all the crazy football fans are excited about the kits of the 32 participating teams and their sponsors. Big names such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, and many more have taken on the task of supplying the kits and training materials of all the countries to make the sport’s biggest stage shine.


What is the full name of FIFA?

International Federation of Association Football is the full name of FIFA.

Tunisia’s jersey is sponsored by which organization?

Tunisia’s jersey is sponsored by the famous international organization Kappa.

What says by Hummel about Denmark’s black away jersey?

When the international news channel asked Hummel, the jersey sponsoring company of Denmark’s football team, why is Denmark’s away jersey black? Hummel then said in their opinion: “To honor the thousands of migrant workers who died building all of Qatar’s World Cup stadiums, as well as the families they left behind.”

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